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About me

 Nice Elena's Foot Care is run by me Elena and I am a certified medical foot care therapist at Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut in Stockholm. I am a member of the Swedish Podiatrists' Association and have treatment non-life insurance. Unfortunately, there is currently no opportunity to take any remiss.

My goal

At Nice Elena's Foot Care, my goal is for you to receive the best foot care treatment I can offer! I take care of your feet and carry out my treatments in a professional and careful way. Gradually, I work to make you as a customer feel that you have been treated correctly and that the treatment has helped you!

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Medical foot care

  With the help of a more comprehensive medical foot care, I help you keep your feet healthy and make sure to treat worries such as corns, wounds and cracks, athlete's foot, warts, etc. Medical foot care will also help make everyday life easier for people with psoriasis, diabetes and rheumatism. Why it improves the ailments is because the feet then stay healthy and well-groomed and that we end our medical foot care treatments with a foot massage.


Foot and lower leg massage is something that makes everyday life easier! As the feet contain a huge amount of nerve fibers that can be pinched and hurt and impair blood flow, this type of massage helps for healthier feet! If desired, you can book the massage in connection with a medical foot care treatment.

Nail polish

Once the treatment is done, why not give your toenails a new look at the same time? As a complement to your foot care treatment, we offer nail polish and give your toenails a whole new lift! (I only offer nail polish of toenails in connection with other treatment)

 Self-care advice

Getting completely healthy feet is a process. After a foot care treatment, it is not certain that your feet are healthy. To avoid recurring problems after treatment, I recommend wearing airy shoes, washing and drying feet and toes thoroughly and using clean socks.


 At Nice Elena's Foot Care, you can easily use your fitness allowance, we will invoice you and you can then take the invoice to your employer.


Medical foot care
640: - / 60 min
590: - / 60 min
Foot and lower leg massage
400: - / 30 min
Medical foot care incl. foot and lower leg massage
950: - / 90 min
Home visit
750: - / 60 min
 Varnishing is done only in connection with other treatment and for an extra fee of: 120: -

Wellness (with VAT)

Foot care
800: - / 60 min
Foot care including foot and lower leg massage
1180: - / 90 min
Varnishing is only done in connection with other treatment and for an extra fee of: 120: -

About corona

 Do you need foot care but are still hesitant during the corona crisis?
Here is some information:
* no one may stay in the room if you show symptoms.
* only one customer at a time may stay in the premises.

* the customer must also wear a mouth guard.

 * we follow the National Board of Health and Welfare's strict rules on hygiene.

* the premises are cleaned and sprayed between each customer.

* All instruments also sterilize between each customer.

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